Airport Review: Detroit (DTW)

I’ve decided to start writing reviews of airports I’ve traveled to or through. My opinions are (obviously) my own and are based on my own completely unscientific observations, experiences and opinions. I should also point out that what I look for in a layover airport is very different from what I look for in a point of origin or destination. I should also point out that I primarily fly Delta, so most of my connection points will be Delta hubs. My scoring system is loosely based on that used in “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, with categories being assigned and weighted arbitrarily. So, without further ado, I give you my review of the Detroit-Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

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Ruining Things for Everyone

Yesterday Delta Air Lines announced an update to their policy on support animals. The short version is that starting March 1st, passengers traveling with service or support animals will have to provide documentation that the animals are healthy and vaccinated, and in addition to showing a letter from a doctor or mental health professional, they must also sign an affidavit that the animals are able to behave on airplanes. These new regulations come in response to a significant increase in “support animal”-related incidents, including biting, urinating and defecating on planes.

This new policy is causing a fair amount of division among the traveling public. Predictably, a large number of frequent travelers appreciate Delta’s efforts to clamp down on people taking advantage of service animal access laws. Equally predictably, there has been an outcry about making travel more difficult for people with service animals. Delta’s news room claims that this policy was drafted after receiving input from their Advisory Board on Disability, which consists of a number of frequent fliers with a range of disabilities. So why am I calling this piece “ruining things for everyone?”

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